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Principal Services is integration simplified, delivering next-generation sign control services.

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We’ve Got Lighting Covered

If your project’s lighting requirements are single-color, multi-color, or full RGBW capabilities for channel letters, cabinet signs, linear or border accents, or a combination of applications, between our experts at Principal Services and Principal Sloan, we’ve got you covered.

All Things Control

Whether you’re looking for set-it-and-forget-it color controls for your uniform project, fully integrated controls for segmented projects, or something in-between, Principal Services has the perfect solution for your next LED project.
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Simple Controllers​

Set-it-and-forget-it color and dimming controls for uniform LED lighting projects.

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Programmable Controllers​

Advanced, integrated LED lighting controls for uniform or segmented projects.

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Principal Services offers all the resources to make your next project a success, including system design, project drawings, and on-site services. So contact us today and let our team help you create your most unique project.

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